Urban Farm Supply is a hydroponic equipment and farming accessory provider located in the Garden Route city of George, South Africa. Our staff are driven by a passion for life and naturally, hydroponics. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Our Vision

Urban Farm Supply aims to see all citizens, households, communities, towns and cities, taking an active role in securing their own local food supply in these turbulent times. Through this generation of independence, we wish to stimulate local and communal economies in an effort to nurture a culture of food self-reliance.

The state of our economy requires a new view on how to give the people of South Africa a buffer against economic turmoil. As the Minister of Agriculture, Doctor Ivan Meyer said, the heart of South Africa and her people’s future prosperity lays in Agriculture and her people’s involvement in it. UFS shares this vision with the Minister and believes Agriculture is the key to the rebirth of our economy, beginning at the micro level, for the future of all South Africans.

Our Mission

Urban Farm Supply’s mission is to cooperate with the government, both municipal and national, and the private sector to provide the citizens of South Africa with the means to secure their own food supply through investment in our Hydroponic and Aquaponic solutions.